One of commonest reasons of pattern baldness and thinning hair in men and women is known as Alopecia Aerata – a kind of autoimmune disorder that makes human body destroy its own hair. Normally hair is lost in patches and comes back after a few months or years. But the pattern of both loss and regrowth is absolutely unpredictable. For treatment of hair loss due to Alopecia Aerata – Minoxidil Foam and solution are proven and effective treatments presently available in the market. Once people suffering from pattern baldness caused by Alopecia Aerata start applying Minoxidil 5% or Minoxidil 2%,they can regain hair growth after around 3 months of usage.

As a FDA approved drug for hair loss treatment both Minoxidil and Rogaine Foam are now available in the drug stores and can be purchased over the counter even without a doctor’s prescription. But as per the experts and specialists it is always a better and safe idea to consult a doctor about the strength of the solution that you should be using depending upon your extent of hair loss and other physical conditions.

Though the way in which Minoxidil promotes hair growth is fully known to the scientists it has been found that proper topical application of right strength Minoxidil solution for around 32 to weeks can improve hair count by almost 39 hairs per square centimeter and this is obviously far better than other hair loss treatments presently available in the market. For more information contact Minoxidil Direct at their website online at http://www.minoxidildirect.com/.



Minoxidil is the first FDA approved medication for hair loss treatment that is now available in the market and can be bought over the counter. That means it now be bough without a prescription and the generic formulation is now available in two different levels of concentration – Minoxidil 5% for men and Minoxidil 2% for women.

Though the exact mechanism in which Minoxidil solutions or Minoxidil Foamis still unknown – but it is found that the drug can actually increase the hair follicle growth cycle duration or the anagen which in result increases both the length and diameter. Minoxidil is recommended to be applied on the scalp twice a day and the medication is found to work at its best only when it is directly applied on the scalp and not on the hair. While applying any form of Minoxidil medication users are required to keep this in mind and try to apply the solution directly on the scalp where hair is thinning.

Laboratory studies have shown that Minoxidil 5% is almost twice as effective as Minoxidil 2% – but the 5% solution also has propylene glycol as a component that can cause irritation on the scalp and also turns the solution sticky making it more difficult to manage. Compared to this the 2% solution is alcohol based and naturally less sticky and easier to manage and apply on the scalp. For more information on using Minoxidil hair loss treatment and available products visit http://www.minoxidildirect.com/ or you can also call at their toll free customer helpline for any required information.  


Those perpetually worried regarding baldness and the embarrassment that it brings can easily useMinoxidil 2% without problems. Loss of hair is a devastating experience for anybody at any age, and irrespective of the gender. So, don’t worry in vain, switch to Minoxidil instead with its successful hair growth properties. Fighting badness becomes last off your worries when you have the right products to use on a regular basis. Now, how does this seemingly beneficial product works?

This medication comes with basso dilating effects result, gently the blood flow to your hair follicles increases in initiating them for growth. Since nourishment can now reach, where it is needed most on your scalp, use of rogaine foam on a regular basis proves to be a successful hair growth formula. This medication is available through various brand names and you can purchase it over the counter without problems.

If you believed that fighting baldness is an impossible task, think again with Minoxidil foam and similar products coming to your aid. With development in research and new additions coming up every day, it surely brings a new ray of hope for people everywhere. There is no doubt regarding the fact that female baldness is doubly embarrassing than in males because it is the least expected occurrence. So do not shun society or remain alone with your grief because the right help is now available at hand, and all you need to do is to reach out and grab!


Looking for an effective solution for hair loss problem? Regular use of extra strong Minoxidil 5% for men or Minoxidil Foam can offer admirable solution to your problem. Though Minoxidil 5% is mdfr men but the product is available for women too and anybody can buy Minoxidil 2% for women online. Just like Minoxidil for men, Minoxidil 2% for women is also required to be applied on the scalp using a dropper and will start to show off results within the next two month. This is an excellent hair regrowth treatment for women with thinning hair. Both Minoxidil 5% and 2% are required to be applied directly on the scalp by a dropper. On the contrary applying the scented Minoxidil foam can be much easier and naturally it is more popular among all the variations available in the market.

In all Minoxidil products, Minoxidil 2% and 5% are the active ingredients while 20% w/v propylene glycol, 60% w/v alcohol and purified water make for the other inactive ingredients. Users are also advised to follow the instructions for application as for the best results they are required to apply 1ml Minoxidil 5% or 2% directly on their scalp twice a day. As all Minoxidil anti hair loss and hair regrowth treatments are clinically proven to be capable of revitalizing the hair follicles encouraging hair regrowth they can be used without any chance of any negative side effect. But Minoxidil doesn’t have the same effect on everybody and the extent of result can also vary from one individual to another.


In order to get the best from yourMinoxidil Foam, you need to apply it in the appropriate manner. This is possible when you know the best methods to do it right. Everybody knows thatMinoxidil is quite effective when it comes to treating the problem of hair loss and occurring baldness. When it comes to the amounts to be used and the number of times for application, you may follow the prescription of your physician. However, those who purchased it from over-the-counter can go through the application instructions to ensure the best results from this high quality product.

Whether you are going for Minoxidil 2% or the 5% variety, knowing about the proper application of the product is surely important. When it comes to using the foam, first you need to shake the container well prior to application. Do it for a few seconds, ensuring uniform mixing of ingredients inside and ultimately when you apply, it will be able to inject an adequate dose for your purpose. When you are applyingMinoxidil, it will be ideal if you can stand in the front of a mirror. This will give you a good view of the area for application and aid you in the process completely.

Try to open up as much part of the scalp as you can during the application of Minoxidil 5%. Pressing the applicator button will eject some quantity of foam and now you can apply it on the affected area uniformly.


Researchers show that both Minoxidil 2% and 5% are successful in treating frontal baldness to high degree. However, in order to get the best results consistent applications are must. Frontal hair loss may occur due to a wide number of reasons including medicines, heredity, or various medical conditions. Androgenetic alopecia is the name for this kind of patterned baldness. In such situations, hair loss starts at the sides and on the front of the scalp. In order to get the best results from use of Minoxidil 5% it is necessary to start with the treatment process as fast as possible. As soon as a person notices thinning or beginning of frontal baldness, they should contact their physician to begin treatment, using Minoxidil.

Before starting hair loss treatments it is necessary to let the physician know about any medical conditions that you are suffering. This helps in proper diagnosis and appropriate dosage recommendations for helping you to get the best results. Ideally, application twice on the affected area to the appropriate dose but one should follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding the subject for getting the best results. Sometimes side effects may contain redness and irritation and if something like this happens, you should consult your physician immediately. Minoxidil for women and men helps them to lead better and fulfilling lives by taking away their concerns regarding the thinning hairline. This FDA recommended product is a proven way to deal with frontal baldness successfully. You can get it at any medicine shop or even at your dermatologists.




Minoxidil 2%is the ideal concentration for hair re-growth consideration in women. Every since researchers stumbled upon the fantastic use of this compound for hair restoration, its popularity has increased continuously. Instead of covering the complete scalp area physicians recommend its use only on the balding patches. Shrinking follicles of hair leads to hair loss and it can be prevented to a certain extent with Minoxidil, which revitalizes and enlarges the follicles. It is important to remember that this compound does not make new hair follicles to grow! Only re-growth from existing follicles occurs and the hair seems thicker. Existing hair also stop falling after regular use.

Minoxidil for women can seem like a lifesaver because women are much more concerned regarding hair fall compared to their male counterparts. Medically, Minoxidil belongs to a group known as channel potassium openers capable of stimulating hair growth. Different individuals respond to treatment with this medicine in different ways. Sometimes the effects are quite successful while in others only lackluster growth is evident. Even then, the results are more or less uplifting because approximately half of the people who undergo Minoxidil prescription show hair re-growth of moderate degree. Another 36% people showed minimal hair growths.

Proper application of Minoxidil foam or spray as directed in the prescription is necessary. Sometimes, doctors may also offer this medication in its present form for oral ingestion instead of topical application. Whatever it is consistency is crucial especially when you are looking for successful results related to hair growth.