Minoxidil 2%is the ideal concentration for hair re-growth consideration in women. Every since researchers stumbled upon the fantastic use of this compound for hair restoration, its popularity has increased continuously. Instead of covering the complete scalp area physicians recommend its use only on the balding patches. Shrinking follicles of hair leads to hair loss and it can be prevented to a certain extent with Minoxidil, which revitalizes and enlarges the follicles. It is important to remember that this compound does not make new hair follicles to grow! Only re-growth from existing follicles occurs and the hair seems thicker. Existing hair also stop falling after regular use.

Minoxidil for women can seem like a lifesaver because women are much more concerned regarding hair fall compared to their male counterparts. Medically, Minoxidil belongs to a group known as channel potassium openers capable of stimulating hair growth. Different individuals respond to treatment with this medicine in different ways. Sometimes the effects are quite successful while in others only lackluster growth is evident. Even then, the results are more or less uplifting because approximately half of the people who undergo Minoxidil prescription show hair re-growth of moderate degree. Another 36% people showed minimal hair growths.

Proper application of Minoxidil foam or spray as directed in the prescription is necessary. Sometimes, doctors may also offer this medication in its present form for oral ingestion instead of topical application. Whatever it is consistency is crucial especially when you are looking for successful results related to hair growth.


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