Minoxidil is the first FDA approved medication for hair loss treatment that is now available in the market and can be bought over the counter. That means it now be bough without a prescription and the generic formulation is now available in two different levels of concentration – Minoxidil 5% for men and Minoxidil 2% for women.

Though the exact mechanism in which Minoxidil solutions or Minoxidil Foamis still unknown – but it is found that the drug can actually increase the hair follicle growth cycle duration or the anagen which in result increases both the length and diameter. Minoxidil is recommended to be applied on the scalp twice a day and the medication is found to work at its best only when it is directly applied on the scalp and not on the hair. While applying any form of Minoxidil medication users are required to keep this in mind and try to apply the solution directly on the scalp where hair is thinning.

Laboratory studies have shown that Minoxidil 5% is almost twice as effective as Minoxidil 2% – but the 5% solution also has propylene glycol as a component that can cause irritation on the scalp and also turns the solution sticky making it more difficult to manage. Compared to this the 2% solution is alcohol based and naturally less sticky and easier to manage and apply on the scalp. For more information on using Minoxidil hair loss treatment and available products visit or you can also call at their toll free customer helpline for any required information.  


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