One of commonest reasons of pattern baldness and thinning hair in men and women is known as Alopecia Aerata – a kind of autoimmune disorder that makes human body destroy its own hair. Normally hair is lost in patches and comes back after a few months or years. But the pattern of both loss and regrowth is absolutely unpredictable. For treatment of hair loss due to Alopecia Aerata – Minoxidil Foam and solution are proven and effective treatments presently available in the market. Once people suffering from pattern baldness caused by Alopecia Aerata start applying Minoxidil 5% or Minoxidil 2%,they can regain hair growth after around 3 months of usage.

As a FDA approved drug for hair loss treatment both Minoxidil and Rogaine Foam are now available in the drug stores and can be purchased over the counter even without a doctor’s prescription. But as per the experts and specialists it is always a better and safe idea to consult a doctor about the strength of the solution that you should be using depending upon your extent of hair loss and other physical conditions.

Though the way in which Minoxidil promotes hair growth is fully known to the scientists it has been found that proper topical application of right strength Minoxidil solution for around 32 to weeks can improve hair count by almost 39 hairs per square centimeter and this is obviously far better than other hair loss treatments presently available in the market. For more information contact Minoxidil Direct at their website online at http://www.minoxidildirect.com/.


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