Researchers show that both Minoxidil 2% and 5% are successful in treating frontal baldness to high degree. However, in order to get the best results consistent applications are must. Frontal hair loss may occur due to a wide number of reasons including medicines, heredity, or various medical conditions. Androgenetic alopecia is the name for this kind of patterned baldness. In such situations, hair loss starts at the sides and on the front of the scalp. In order to get the best results from use of Minoxidil 5% it is necessary to start with the treatment process as fast as possible. As soon as a person notices thinning or beginning of frontal baldness, they should contact their physician to begin treatment, using Minoxidil.

Before starting hair loss treatments it is necessary to let the physician know about any medical conditions that you are suffering. This helps in proper diagnosis and appropriate dosage recommendations for helping you to get the best results. Ideally, application twice on the affected area to the appropriate dose but one should follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding the subject for getting the best results. Sometimes side effects may contain redness and irritation and if something like this happens, you should consult your physician immediately. Minoxidil for women and men helps them to lead better and fulfilling lives by taking away their concerns regarding the thinning hairline. This FDA recommended product is a proven way to deal with frontal baldness successfully. You can get it at any medicine shop or even at your dermatologists.



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