In order to get the best from yourMinoxidil Foam, you need to apply it in the appropriate manner. This is possible when you know the best methods to do it right. Everybody knows thatMinoxidil is quite effective when it comes to treating the problem of hair loss and occurring baldness. When it comes to the amounts to be used and the number of times for application, you may follow the prescription of your physician. However, those who purchased it from over-the-counter can go through the application instructions to ensure the best results from this high quality product.

Whether you are going for Minoxidil 2% or the 5% variety, knowing about the proper application of the product is surely important. When it comes to using the foam, first you need to shake the container well prior to application. Do it for a few seconds, ensuring uniform mixing of ingredients inside and ultimately when you apply, it will be able to inject an adequate dose for your purpose. When you are applyingMinoxidil, it will be ideal if you can stand in the front of a mirror. This will give you a good view of the area for application and aid you in the process completely.

Try to open up as much part of the scalp as you can during the application of Minoxidil 5%. Pressing the applicator button will eject some quantity of foam and now you can apply it on the affected area uniformly.


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