There are many hair loss solutions available in the market today but none of them are as powerful, as effective and as popular with the masses as Rogaine. For those who might not know this already, Rogaine is the brand name for a chemical known as Minoxidil that has been proven to stop hair loss and even augment the process of regaining lost hair. The brand offers Minoxidil in two versions – 2% and 5% and both of these can help limit hair loss by a considerable degree.

But are you aware of the history behind the development and popularity of Minoxidil foam as a hair loss remedy?

You see, this drug was never meant to help with this problem in the first place!

You see, Minoxidil is a powerful and fast acting topical component which decreases resistance to blood flows and lowers blood pressure. You can, thus, very much understand that this medication was initially developed for solving blood pressure issues. But while the drug was being analyzed and tested, it was discovered to have an amazing side effect. Many of the subjects that were asked to try Minoxidil foam solutions reported a considerable increase in body hair. In fact, it was even shown that the chemical not only helps hair to grow back but it also facilitates the reduction of hair loss, helping people in combating baldness of all kinds!

And thus Minoxidil foam products were introduced in the market, with a promise that they will help you fight your hair loss issues in ways like never before. Millions of people across the globe have benefitted from the amazing results that this drug can produce.


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