Thinking about going for the most popular and most trusted hair loss treatment available in the market? Minoxidil is what you are talking about and there is no need to even think twice before you place your trust into this amazing treatment. There are millions of people, both men and women, who have benefitted from the use of Minoxidil foam and have regained that youthful and amazing appearance that they had lost for some reason. But if you still have doubts about the treatment, here are some facts about it that will help clear your mind. Some of these might be known to you while some might come as a surprise; but all in all they will help you understand what Minoxidil foam treatment is all about.

  • This treatment is known to reverse genetic hair loss, both in males as well as females, showing equal effectiveness in both genders.
  • Minoxidil foam happens to be approved both by the UK medical regulatory body MHRA and its U.S. counterpart the FDA.
  • It actually is an anti-hypertensive vasodilator drug that was originally intended to treat high blood pressure. But with its property of slowing down or stopping hair loss, it has completely revolutionized the cosmetic industry.
  • It is effective because it is a Potassium Channel Opener which works by improving blood circulation to the scalp, and – more importantly – the hair follicles.
  • Once you use Minoxidil, you will begin to see results in some time. There might be some initial hair loss, but be patient and let the medicine take hold. Your problems will definitely go away in no time at all!

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