A Few Things Of Caution Before Using Minoxidil Foam For Women

Rogaine Foam, the popular hair loss treatment comes as a topical solution and is available in two different formulations for men and women. Rogaine was the first hair loss product formulated with Minoxidil, the first FDA approved compound for treating alopecia and other brands of Minoxidil is now also available.

Rogaine or Minoxidil foam should be applied on the scalp only and once applied some parts of it is absorbed by the blood. Though little active ingredient is absorbed in the process still Minoxidil can result in certain systemic and requires extra caution with women having heart disease. As a matter of fact, Rogaine doesn’t show same results on everyone and is found to be particularly effective on people having hereditary alopecia – which is generally caused by high levels of testosterone like androgens.

Though Minoxidil foam is well tolerated by human body but pregnant and breast feeding women are recommended not to use it as well as anybody younger than 18 years of age. The drug is not known to have any negative side effect but it is better not to use under certain medical conditions like – presence of cardiovascular systems like dizziness, chest pain or fainting, possible sudden onset of hypersensitivity reactions, appearance of undesired facial hair anywhere apart from the area of application swelling in the limbs, sudden weight gain and irritation and dryness in the scalp. If any of these conditions is experienced during the application it is recommended to stop application immediately and consult a doctor as immediately as possible.