Promote Hair Growth With Minoxidil

Minoxidil is actually a vasodilator type antihypertensive medication that is capable of slowing down or completely stopping hair loss and can also effectively promote hair growth. The medication is now off-patent and is easily available over the counter for androgenic alopecia treatment and is available in different forms like Minoxidil Foam or Minoxidil 5% or 2%. But Minoxidil users are also required to keep in mind that Minoxidil 5% is required to be administered for an indefinite period of time for supporting the existing hair follicles and also to encourage hair growth.

In order to achieve the maximum effects Minoxidil 2% or other variations should be applied once or if recommended then twice daily for an indefinite period of time in order to promote hair regrowth. For the best possible results the solution requires to stay in contact with the scalp for a minimum period of four hours before it is washed with water.

There is another aspect about using Minoxidil 5% or any other form of the product that one need to be extremely careful about. Though its results are considered to be dose independent but applying the solution in greater quantity do not necessarily ensures better results. As a matter of fact Minoxidil can promote hair regrowth only up to a maximum theoretical limit over application of the solution on a regular basis can very well result in complications such as irritation in the scalp or allergic reactions in other parts of the body.