Is minoxidil a better choice for preventing female pattern baldness!

Minoxidil belongs to the class of medications that is called vasodilators by experts and industry professionals and though it still it cannot be said for sure how it triggers hair growth but Rogaine foam – the generic name under which it is now available in the market is now being widely used for treating pattern baldness in both men and women. As no specifically designed drug for treating female pattern baldness was available women suffering from it were facing a truly difficult situation. But with the introduction of Minoxidil for women they can now certainly breathe a sigh of relief for this has been found to be more effective on women than men and normally a 2% solution is approved by the FDA to be prescribed by the doctors.

Some of the best advantages of using Minoxidil foam for treating pattern baldness in women are:

  • It not only helps in hair regrowth but also improves the thickness and texture of female hair
  • It has been found to be successful for up to 63% women
  • Effective for many different kind of hair loss in ladies except patchy hair loss
  • As men are found to have more severe and noticeable hair loss than women Minoxidil is also found to be more effective on them than men
  • In many cases, 5% minoxidil solution, which is actually prescribed for men shows better results

Though there are some small disadvantages but still this is the best treatment for female pattern baldness now available.