Increase Growth And Reduce Loss Of Hair With Minoxidil

Both Minoxidil 5% and 2% are proven ways to revert the loss of hair. It probably dilates our blood vessels on the scalp to stimulate the growth. This facilitates the circulation of nutrients to the hair follicles leading to development of new hair. It works as a great stimulator for the scalp helping you to fight baldness successfully. Some people believe that it also increases the DNA synthesis in the cells of that region. An inactive and stable drug, upon application to scalp, gets absorbed into the skin.

Here conversion of Minoxidil foam to unstable and active Minoxidil Sulphite occurs. Human body produces sulfonyl transferase enzyme that triggers the production of the Sulphite. It activates the potassium channels present in the body cells and this in turn finally leads to the growth of hair on the scalp. Not everyone is going to get the desired results from this drug as it works differently on different people.

What kind of diseases and illnesses do you suffer from? What kind of drugs do you take for your conditions? All these factors will determine the effectiveness of Minoxidil as well as its suitability in your case. A proper treatment course in the right patient will surely lead to the desired results. Based upon the shedding patterns one has to use specific levels of the drug for optimal results. Side effects related to it are not significant or long-lasting.

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