What Are The Advantages Of Rogaine Foam?

Rogaine Foam is a sure short aid for hair re-growth and treatment of hair-loss in men.  This foam has many advantages over the other forms of this drug which are available in the market.  The Foam is not greasy or drying to the scalp when applied.



To study the effects of the Foam on men a study was conducted in the USA wherein 315 men who had or were experiencing hair-loss problem were asked to apply this foam which was made up of 5% Minoxidil and the results were positive, within a use of only 16 weeks men experienced hair growth.

  • The features of the Rogaine Foam which have contributed to its popularity are:
  • Ease of application since with a simple procedure the individual can apply this foam on the affected are without creating any mess.
  • Lack of dripping as compared to solution form of the drug which may cause it to drop here and there while applying.
  • The foam gets quickly and neatly absorbed when applied which relieves the user from the intolerable feel of something applied on the head.
  • And last but not the least this foam can fit very easily in the daily busy routine of individual since it does not take much time to apply.

With the use of the Foam in a prescribed manner, men will experience hair re-growth which would not only bring the lost hair back but also reverses the clock!

So with Rogaine Foam, get your youth back!